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Take a Walk Through My Listening Point

Take a walk with me through part of my listening point. No narration, just the sounds around me and 33 minutes of 4K film.

I’m a writer and spend several hours most days writing/researching/planning what to write. I enjoy dabbling in music and photography, but until recently I would never have even thought of creating a YouTube channel.

The pandemic changed that, with a boost from aging legs and icy winters. About this time last year my wife and I bought a treadmill to use during winter days when it is too slippery or otherwise nasty to take decent walks in the neighborhood. I like to watch something while I’m walking on the treadmill, and I discovered there are tons of YouTube videos that are simply walks, shot from the perspective of the walker. No narration, just high quality (not always) video and the surrounding sounds. I have playlists that let me walk along in a variety of places around the world, from Egypt to China to Italy to the Americas. Some are shot in large cities, others in tourist attractions and others in beautiful natural areas. It makes exercise pass quickly, and also lets me see places I’ve never gone to as well as places I love.

The Inspiration for my YouTube Channel

It was following along in places I love that gave me an idea. Someday–a long time from now, I hope–I no longer will be able to walk around my neighborhood and the gorgeous park that borders it along the Lake Michigan shore. I have known this area my entire life. If age forces me to move elsewhere or makes it impossible to take the kinds of walks I can take right now, I will really miss the familiar sights and sounds of a lifetime.

So I decided to get a GoPro camera and start making my own walking videos. It took months to put that plan into action, as it involved not only getting the equipment but beginning to learn how to use it and having to buy and begin learning software to edit it, and I wasn’t going to let all that get in the way of my writing. But by the start of November I was ready to try, and made my first video, a walk through my neighborhood. The one just below, through my favorite portion of Grant Park (just a short walk from home), is my second.

I see another potential use for these kinds of videos, too: perhaps they can be useful for people who are struggling with memory issues. Maybe being able to follow along on a walk through a place they have loved will have a positive impact.

Perhaps Other Types of Videos in the Future

I created my YouTube channel initially so that I could easily play my videos on the TV when I walk on the treadmill, or just for fun. But over the past month I’ve thought about possibly making other types of videos for the channel, too: short videos of parts of the park or neighborhood with some narration, for example, such as talking about the spring wildflowers, or memories associated with a particular spot. Perhaps I’d include short videos from other places, too. And perhaps videos where I talk about aspects of writing. We’ll see. I’d be happy to hear suggestions!

If you enjoy the video, please click the “like” button and consider subscribing, too. Subscribing on YouTube simply means that when I post a new video it will show up among the recommendations when you open YouTube. The more people who subscribe, the more likely it will be that other people who are unaware of the channel will see one of these videos pop up on their list of recommendations.

I have a long way to go to learn how to do anything more complicated than the kind of video shown here, which requires almost no editing, so it may be a while before I put up other types of videos. But it is fun to try new, creative things!

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