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Riverfeet Press

Listening Point: A Novel

As the climate crisis fuels mass migration and social unrest in the 2060s, Andrew Hochevar, a young priest in northern Minnesota, has a mysterious, powerful encounter one hot August day at Sigurd Olson’s Listening Point. The experience upends his traditional understanding of God, the Church, and his own calling. It also propels him along a spiritual journey that brings healing to the sick, puts him at odds with his bishop, and threatens a growing movement of white nationalists.

It’s a fast-paced story about the importance of “listening with inward ears,” as Sigurd Olson put it.

From the author:

One of the things that excited me about this project was having the opportunity to focus not on Sigurd Olson, but on someone affected by Sigurd Olson. That’s how his legacy and philosophy and value will be shaped in the decades and centuries ahead: by people whose own unique backgrounds intersect with his writings to create something new. As Sigurd himself told me long ago, everyone sees the world in at least some unique ways, no matter how much their worldview and creativity may borrow from those who have gone before.

In 2063 Fr. Andrew Hochevar, a young priest with an environmental background and a deep love for Sigurd’s works, is thrown into turmoil when he has a mystical experience at Listening Point. To whom will he listen? To whom will he be obedient? Those questions apply to each of us today in a special way, as members of the last generation that can effectively limit how much future generations will suffer from the growing climate crisis.