Book News, February 2021

A Private Wilderness: The Journals of Sigurd F. Olson is in production and on track for its June release. I have seen the proof, and am more excited than ever. Even though the proof was in pdf format, it made the book seem more real to me because I finally got to see the the whole design. It is going to be a beautiful book.

Sigurd’s journals, of course, are the heart of it, but I think a lot of people will be drawn to the content by way of the photos. There are 74 of them, if I remember correctly, spread throughout the book. That’s more than three times the number of photos used in my biography of Sigurd, A Wilderness Within. The photos aren’t just of Sigurd and his family. Many photos depict other people and scenes that fit with Sigurd’s nearby text. The vast majority have not appeared in books before. Only three of the photos of Sigurd, including the cover photo, were used in the biography.

I especially love how Kristian and the University of Minnesota Press designed the start of each chapter. If you open up the book, the first page of a chapter will be on the right. To the left you’ll see a gorgeous full-page photo.

I supplied several of the photos, but my editor, Kristian Tvedten, poured lots of time and love into searching digital archives and contacting individuals to assemble a truly great collection that presents what amounts to a photographic cultural history of Sigurd’s time and place. Remarkable.

Last week I already did my first interview about the book. It was a lot of fun. When it comes out next month I’ll share the link.

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