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The personal diaries of one of America’s best-loved naturalists, revealing his difficult and inspiring path to finding his voice and becoming a writer.

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A Private Wilderness: The Journals of Sigurd F. Olson

Written mostly during the years from 1930 to 1941, Sigurd F. Olson’s journals describe the dreams and frustrations of an aspiring writer honing his skills, pursuing recognition, and facing doubt. Author of Olson’s definitive biography, editor David Backes brings a deep knowledge of the writer to these journals, providing critical context, commentary, and insights along the way.

The Rest of the Sigurd Olson Series

Winner of the Small Press Book Award for Biography

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David Backes is author of the national award-winning biography of famed naturalist/author/environmental leader Sigurd F. Olson. He has produced three other books in the Olson series, including the forthcoming book of Olson’s journals, A Private Wilderness. He is working on his first novel, with plans for more fiction and nonfiction in the future. 

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